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Thanks for participating in my "Name My CD" poll and all your votes, this was fun!

Here are the top 5 selections:

"Help Me Name My CD"
Place Title # of Votes
1 Looking Glass 70
2 Everything Under The Moon 56
3 Going Places 35
4 Reflections 31
5 Almost Alone 30
  Total Votes Received 290


As an effort to offer a blog that folks can subscribe to should they want to, I have started a Blogger page. It's so easy to keep up with my blog page and you can subscribe if you like, just click on the orange B in the Social Pages section, and voila!

Here's a bit of the Studio post:
"I am beginning to work on my new CD, and thought I'd try to share with you (interested folks) a sort of point by point account of the experience.
So, here's the deal: I'll post my experiences for the material selection, pre-production, studio time, mix-down, title ideas, art and packaging efforts. and release date. All you have to do is have a look. And, should you have any questions or comments, you can do that as well."

Next up: (See my tour calendar for all my upcoming shows and details over there) →
Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamp (SKAK) and I am a flat-picking guitar instructor for week one, June 8-14, 2014.
Then some duo dates with Italy's own Roberto Dalla Vecchia, who is also a flat-picking guitar instructor at SKAK: Then a date with the David Grisman FolkJazz Trio: Come out and support my performances and workshops if you can!

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