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I have decided to do a blog 'diary' of sorts, to share my efforts and experiences for the new CD. So, I thought I'd invite you to my blog page, and you can then check in as you like (or not) to follow me in my efforts. I hope you'll join me, and you can start by clicking here.

Right at Christmastime, my webhost company changed some things and I had to spend most of my 'off-time' to figure out how to work with the new scenario, and this had to occur by Jan. 8! So, needless to say, I have had to work on this. So, as it says above, it is currently 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION as I figure things out.

Good news is: I now have a lot of features to choose from, and it will benefit me to be able to offer things I wasn't able to before, so YAY for that!

Come out and support my performances if you can, look at the Google calendar for upcoming shows! Look over there

Thanks all!

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