I have wondered and wondered why things are like they are.  Why the things I feel so good about are being taken advantage of and abused by so many.  Why do folks have to get more than their fair share?  Why is it that stopping behind the white line – intended to be a place where one would stop on or just behind – is not enough?  Is there some reason that folks have to go just beyond?  Some far enough that the line may as well not exist.

As a former truck driver of many kinds but mostly 18-wheelers, I found that 'past the line' offense to be ridiculous and at times made my task of maneuvering that rig around corners, into parking lots, onto highways, etc. much more difficult.  It surely didn’t make it easier.  All because a driver HAD to go beyond the white line. Really?

Speeding.  Folks seem to just decide that 5-10 MPH is legal and some have the viewpoint that those who doesn’t do it are problematic.  Really?

Why don’t folks abide and obey the laws?  Why not be more courteous to others, be kind, give a little more, take a little less, think less of one and more of many?

I am feeling this way for many reasons, the examples above are just the tip of the iceberg.  I guess we all come up short here and there, but lately that’s not it… I don’t think.  It’s a general overall attitude that says “me me me”, and “I’ll get mine” even if it is yours too, and couldn’t care less if you got any, much less your fair share.  It is sad and very selfish.

If only we all would just do the right thing all the time.  If only we didn’t even consider bending the rules and breaking laws.  Drive the speed limit, obey the traffic laws, keep right except when passing, STOP at stop signs, use turn signals, don’t tailgate or act like Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon does when they race on a controlled track with other expert drivers – on public highways.  I bet they drive normal on public highways.

If only people would treat each other with kindness and respect.  What if no one broke the laws and never stole from people, didn’t sell drugs, didn’t use drugs, didn’t assault others, didn’t get into trouble with the law?  What if everyone did the right thing and stayed out of trouble to start with.  No need for rioting and looting (I don’t understand that anyway – WHY LOOT?), stop hating and doing wrong?

If only law enforcement officers did the right thing all the time?  What if they didn’t exert extra force, didn’t abuse their power, didn’t decide when and when not to write citations because of ulterior reasons, assume the worst because of a gender or a race, pretty and thin or ugly and fat, the type of car, the decals or bumper stickers, or part of town?

If only politicians weren’t corrupt.  What if those we elect to office actually worked for us instead of other forces, monetary or power, or political, or otherwise?  What if the legal system was fair and not jaded by opinion or hatred?  What if voters would research the candidates and issues instead of going by what the advertisements say?  What if a party of choice was a general idea and not a religion?  What if the “news” sources actually reported the truth, not some ill-gotten stream of data/text/hogwash that got ratings?  What if those ‘news’ sources couldn’t be altered by the owners of the station/network/conglomerate or some hate group?

If only we were all for one before one for all.  What if we tried to do the right thing?  What if we did this in as many places in our lives and day to day doings as best we could?  What if ALL of us did this?

If only we could find a way to find peace.  Harmony.  Balance.  Fairness.  Forgiveness.  Love.

If only…

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