Here's a post I placed on my Facebook pages today (5/14/2015) after my Wednesday night (5/13/2015) solo performance opening for the world famous Doobie Brothers at the wonderful Music City Roots here in Franklin, TN...

 Music City Roots

Good morning FB people...

I'm feeling pretty stunned from last night's event at Music City Roots - where I performed my solo set opening for the Doobie Brothers.

Opening for the Doobie Brothers. Wow, still hard to absorb.

I couldn't have dreamed this to happen for me... my dreams are either so far out of reality or too close to reality. Last night seems to fit somewhere between the two... but it was a real thing.

Everyone in the Doobie Brothers band, crew, techs, of course John Cowan, Bela Fleck, Jim Lauderdale, Keith Bilbrey, Craig Havighurst... the Music City Roots folks, crew, techs... all were so great to work with! It is refreshing that people with all that they offer: legendary status and world famous decades of experience and sucess, are so friendly and down-to-other people's level.

I am encouraged by success - my own baby steps, and the giant steps of others. I strive to be a professional and as good as I can be in my chosen career. I work hard to find that 'place' where humbleness meets confidence but avoid either being too meek or too egotistical, so I can give the best I can to those listening and buying the product. It's not easy for me, or really for anyone. Some work harder at it than others... I think. Some are better at it anyway.

We all try to be as good as we can be on our instruments, singing, songwriting, performance, etc. And like an old proverb says - loosely "the joy is the journey, not the destination", I am really enjoying my journey.

In the end, I'd rather be around good people with excellent talent than around anyone who perceive themselves as excellent and share their talent to those who deserve to experience the greatness.
Last night, the legends who are the Doobie Brothers, were great, friendly people of excellent talent and shared that world class musical energy and creativity performing to their fans. That's what they want to do. That's the way they seemed to me anyway.

I am honored to be a part of Music City Roots' roster of performers, and to have experienced a once in a lifetime evening. Thanks to all who made that happen, and for all the fans who came out to support MCR, the Doobie Brorthers, and little ol' me.

I guess I can retire now! Opened for the Doobie Brothers on a Wednesday, and got my senior discount at Kroger's too!

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