JHT-1 song comments:
    (J. Hurst – NN Guido Music / BMI)
    Composed this tune while driving and thinking what ‘modal’ truly means. I don’t know the answer, but I like the tune… And the name? Well, I think I’m cute at this age!
    (J. Hurst - NN Guido Music / BMI; J. Shannon - Jesse Jack Music / BMI)
    Driving seems to be a good fertile soil for my songwriting, and this is one where the melody came first and the lyrics sort of hit all at once. I needed a little help to finish, thanks Jack!
    (J. Hurst – NN Guido Music / BMI)
    This song is written for and dedicated to my lovely wife. Titled for her favorite flowers - including her Bridal bouquet, and even her dog. Nate and Erik were so gentle in their musical efforts, thanks guys. I Love You, Judy!
    (B. Gregory - Lazy Cloud Music / BMI; J. Hurst - NN Guido Music / BMI)
    I feel like am a fairly together kinda guy, but I find I am better when my wife is beside me. Bob Gregory and I wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it goes… Thanks Bob!
    (J. Hurst - NN Guido Music / BMI)
    Tired and faced with a long drive home from NY in a foggy rain, I came of with this tune drumming on the steering wheel and ‘scatting’ the melody with the help of the wipers and my mouth trumpet… It did “Keep Me Awake”!
    (Arr: J. Hurst - NN Guido Music / BMI)
    I do this song similar to my dad - these chords, but this is my arrangement. When Nate and I invited Erik to join us for a jam, this is the first song I chose, they both killed it, and Nate and I then invited Erik to join the JHT. All is well in the world!
    (N. Lee – Human Adverb Music / BMI)
    “The Machine” started one evening when I, in my introverted nature, was feeling overwhelmed by visitors and needed to turn my energy inward. When playing this song, I imagine I am inside the movement of a clock, with giant golden gears turning all around me. - Nate
    (J. Hurst - NN Guido Music / BMI)
    I composed this tune for Mark Schatz. A verified ‘HOSS”, Mark has rhythm & music coursing through his veins emanating from his heart and soul. His bass playing and his ‘step’ dancing are two of the talents of this ‘funky’ cat. For you, Mr. Schatz!
    (J. Hurst - NN Guido Music / BMI, K. Little - Slate Mtn. Music / BMI; D. Kenney - HeartRoots Music, LLC / ASCAP)
    I would stand in the window and cry for mom as she would leave for work, she told me she cried for me too. I wonder if she ever got to dance. I imagine her singing the first chorus to me. The rest is for her. My Mother. My hero.
    (J. Hurst - NN Guido Music / BMI)
    A lot of flatpicking guitarists enjoy playing fiddle tunes, but me, not so much. I like finding new things to play, which is why I try to compose things. Using an old favorite as inspiration I came up with this, and the tab is already available.
    (R. Cline – Walnut Run Music / ASCAP)
    Roger handed me a CD with this song on it and said he thought I might like it. I must have listened to it 20 times, then I called him to see about the JHT recording my arrangement, and he agreed. He poses a great question!

JHT-1 CD info:
Jim Hurst - guitar, banjo, vocals
Nate Lee - fiddle, mandolin, vocals
Erik Alvar - bass, mandolin

Produced by: Jim Hurst
Arrangements by: Jim Hurst (except The Machine - Nate Lee)

Recorded at Digital Underground Studio - Greenbriar, TN
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by: Scott Vestal

Jim: Bob Thompson Guitar, Chuck Lee Banjo
Nate: Bob Kogut Fiddle #99, Pava Mandolin #83
Erik: Kay Bass, Collings Mandolin

Photos by: Scott Simontacchi

Graphic art by: Olivia Howell of Howell Social Media


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Jim Hurst endorses: Gallagher Guitars, Rockbridge Guitars, Fishman Transducers, D’Addario Strings and Planet Waves accessories
Nate Lee endorses: Bob Kogut Fiddles, Pava Mandolins, Wild Wood String Winders
Erik Alvar appears courtesy of Gatorbone Records
Thank you to:
-Liz DiSessa of Heart Roots Music for the booking efforts!
-Olivia Howell of Howell Social Media for PR and Social Media efforts
-Songwriters who share your art
-Musical heroes for the inspiration
-And of course our families who support us and love us

CD comments:
”When I decided to move to Nashville almost three years ago exactly from the start of this recording I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I've toured and worked with some of my favorite bands and artists, met and jammed with many of my childhood heroes, and have seen so much of this amazing planet. This project though, is definitely the culmination of my time in Nashville. It encompasses many of the musical styles I love and while being both technical and challenging for me it also holds true to roots and musicality of the acoustic music we play. I also can't say enough about the pleasure of working with Jim and Nate. I hope everyone listening to this album enjoys it as much as I did working on it and is as excited as me for everything else to come!”
“When true musical mastery is exhibited, listeners whisper “They make it look so easy!” More often than not, what is mistaken for ease can be more accurately described as effortlessness. The musician’s mastery is demonstrated in every facet of musical expression without forcing the emotion, the feel, the tone, the phrasing, and the space… every note is played as if it belongs exactly where it was placed. Making music with Jim and Erik in the Jim Hurst Trio has given me the chance to collaborate with two musicians who exhibit true mastery, and who inspire me to create music in a way unlike I do with others.  Jim and Erik make music seem easy, and for me they make playing music feel effortless.”

"I have had a somewhat magical career in music, just being able to tell others what I do for a living is, by itself, is a real kick.  I have been fortunate to play with some of my musical heroes, and got to meet even more while doing making music in the studio and on the road.
To me, there is a definite difference between people who play music, and musical ‘artists’.  I mean opportunity and practice are two big factors, but desire, dedication, and drive, along with God given talent really separate the masses.  The folks I’ve been inspired by are those who cannot choose to do anything but play music, write songs, sing, and share their love of this with others.
Which leads me to mention the two guys who join me to create the Jim Hurst Trio:
Erik Alvar and Nate Lee.  Nate Lee and Erik Alvar.  Remember these names, you’ll be glad you did.  These two fine men, who are also exceptional musicians, have agreed to join me in the formation of the JHT and record this CD, and wow… what a blessing!
Sharing their God given talents with me, you, and the world, they play everything I wish I could ask them to, but I am glad I don’t have to (that’s good ‘cause they don’t need my input).  They also leave space, and play melody, and groove like a freight train… add that to their creative prowess and we have this wonderful recording. I am honored to be a part of it, and to have these guys along side me as we grow musically together, and separately.  Honored!”


Liner Notes:
"The first time I saw Jim Hurst play was by accident.  A friend told me to go see the new hot guitar player in a different band when I noticed that Claire Lynch and the Front Porch String Band were performing at the same festival stage.  I got a seat early to hear Claire’s show and was immediately mesmerized by Jim’s guitar playing. I’m not sure if I ever got around to listening to the other guitar player.
It seemed he could do anything. His bluegrass playing was as good as any flatpicker I’d ever heard, but then he started fingerpicking ala Jerry Reed.  He played swing, blues, country, and it wasn’t just hot licks.  There was real depth to his playing, doing exactly what the song needed and always with this incredible groove.  This groove connects more deeply than just making you want to tap your foot.  It feels like it synchronizes your heartbeat to the music. That’s what Jim’s guitar playing does to me.
Joining Jim are Nate Lee on mandolin and fiddle and Erik Alvar on bass. I’m a little jealous of Nate and Erik. They get to play with that Jim Hurst groove all the time in the Jim Hurst Trio, but they’re not just playing along.  They supply plenty of depth themselves with rhythm playing that supports the trio sound perfectly and solos that are always appropriate for the song, whatever the style.
Dallas native Nate Lee is a graduate of South Plains College in Levelland, TX but did his post-graduate work as a member of The Alan Munde Gazette. Nate sounds equally at home playing straight up bluegrass, swing, blues or old-time on either fiddle or mandolin and always with great tone. Nate’s original instrumental The Machine takes the trio into yet another musical genre with its almost Latin jazz feel.
While in college at Florida State University, Erik Alvar studied and performed classical and jazz bass while finding time to play bluegrass and acoustic music in Tallahassee’s active music scene. Erik has toured with bluegrass bands and acoustic ensembles, and has even signed on with a few traveling theater shows. The trio makes use of his talents from playing funk lines on his upright bass to playing old time mandolin.
From the heartfelt vocals of I’m On My Way Home To You and My Own True Darlin’ (both co-written by Jim), to the bluegrassy drive of Young Mr. Clark and the downright funky groove of Funky Flatfoot, this CD covers more musical styles than you’d expect to hear from a trio.  Equally impressive in all these styles, they don’t stop there.  The musical journey continues with the swinging Keep Me Awake, the bluesy Sittin’ On Top Of The World and Why Do You Treat Him Like You Do?, that just make you want to play along. Well, they make me want to play along, and I suppose that’s one of the highest compliments that one musician can give to another.
It is my pleasure to introduce The Jim Hurst Trio."
Ned Luberecki
Banjo Player - Nashville, Tennessee
Sirius XM Satellite Radio - Bluegrass