My Gear

Here's a list of equipment Jim uses on the road and in studio


Sound gear:
  • Fishman AuraPro and Onboard Aura for the JH Gallagher model Guitars
  • Fishman Pocket Blender System for both Rockbridge Guitars
  • Fishman Loudbox 100 amp
  • Fishman SA220 Solo Performance PA System
D'Addario Strings & Planet Waves:
  • EJ-17 Phosphor Bronze for guitars
  • EXP-74 for mandolin
  • 60+ for banjo
  • Planet Waves Dual Action capo
  • Planet Waves headstock tuner
  • Planet Waves Humidipak
  • Planet Waves microfiber polishing cloths
  • D'Addario Guitar Tools iPhone app
Other Accessories:
  • Bill Stokes Showcase capo
  • Golden Gate large pearloid thumbpicks
  • D'Andrea ProPlec 1.5 flatpicks
  • Bobby Burns custom Walnut / Huber ring / radiused fingerboard
  • Gibson Granada
  • Gibson F2

Jim Hurst Signature Model